Probeinterface public library

Probeinterface also handles a collection of probe descriptions on the GitHub platform

The python module has a simple function to download and cache locally by using get_probe(…)

from probeinterface import get_probe
probe = get_probe(manufacturer='neuronexus',

We expect to build rapidly commonly used probes in this public repository.

How to contribute

TODO: explain with more details

  1. Generate the JSON file with probeinterface (or directly

    with another language)

  2. Generate an image of the probe with the plot_probe function in probeinterface

  3. Clone the probeinterface_library repo

  4. Put the JSON file and image into the correct folder or make a new folder (following the format of the repo)

  5. Push to one of your branches with a git client

  6. Make a pull request to the main repo