Get probe from library

probeinterface provides a library of probes from several manufacturers on the GitHub platform:

Users and manufacturers are welcome to contribute to it.

The Python module provide a function to download and cache files locally in the probeinterface json-based format.

from pprint import pprint

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from probeinterface import Probe, get_probe
from probeinterface.plotting import plot_probe

Download one probe:

manufacturer = 'neuronexus'
probe_name = 'A1x32-Poly3-10mm-50-177'

probe = get_probe(manufacturer, probe_name)
A1x32-Poly3-10mm-50-177 - neuronexus - 32ch - 1shanks

Files from the library also contain annotations specific to manufacturers. We can see here that Neuronexus probes have contact indices starting at “1” (one-based)

{'first_index': 1,
 'manufacturer': 'neuronexus',
 'name': 'A1x32-Poly3-10mm-50-177'}

When plotting, the channel indices are automatically displayed with one-based notation (even if internally everything is still zero based):

plot_probe(probe, with_contact_id=True)
A1x32-Poly3-10mm-50-177 - neuronexus - 32ch - 1shanks
(<matplotlib.collections.PolyCollection object at 0x7fca485d6cb0>, <matplotlib.collections.PolyCollection object at 0x7fca48596770>)

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